Traditional Chinese Clothes are very popular in China and other countries in 2024.
Cheongsam also called Chi-pao or Qipao is a kind of traditional Chinese close-fitting woman’s dress with high neck and slit skirt.Qipao often uses high-end fabrics such as silk or real silk, which can showcase nobility and luxury even in simple styles.The design of qipao can be straight or waisted, with a long skirt hem paired with a slit, which not only showcases a woman’s graceful figure but also has a hazy sexiness.Qipao can perfectly showcase a woman’s body curves, making the wearer the center of attention.High quality cheongsam fabric is comfortable, soft, and comfortable to wear, suitable for various occasions.Qipao is also suitable for different body types. Qipao can correct body shape and has a positive improvement effect on back problems.

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